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A Virtual Book Store for Retired and Pre-retired people and whoever wants to have a better life.


Boutique Bien-Être presents ebooks on different subject, mostly on personal development. There are some about health, well-beeing, spirituality, relationships and other interesting subjects. Even if you retired or close to,  you still have goals and projects. I choose the best books from hundreds that I have in stock. I read everyone of them to be sure that you get something  interesting and helpfull. The ebooks are full of good suggestions and good advice and will make your life richer. My goal is to help people progress in their life. That is why the ebooks are at a very low cost in order to give the possibility to anyone poor or rich to get informed on subjects of great influence in their everyday life. That is why they are at 4.99$US. Most of them are worth a lot more. You may sell them if you wish or give them away on your site or your blog. 


I had myself many problems in my relationships, I also had money problems, health problems. I read many books and it helped me a lot that is why I want to share some of them with you people. When things go bad it is important to take all the help we can get and when things go quite well, we all have problems to deal with and books can make a big difference. Sometime they made me change completely the way I was dealing with a problem. Sometimes I read the books I prefer 2 or 3 times and I always discover something that I had not understood the first time.  I add new books very often that is why you should come back and visit the site regularly. I think reading is one of the best way to stimulate the mind and books are always a great help whatever the circumstances.

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