About me

My name is France Tanguay. I have a M.A. in Archaeology from Laval University in Quebec City.. After working for many years in the travel business, I became a massotherapist in Quebec. I have been working in that business for twelve years. I manage another web site www.massosantebeauport.com to present my services as a massotherapist. I have numerous fields of interest apart from massotherapy. Books are a real passion to me. I read mostly about health, wellbeing and personsal development.  I have also worked as a saleswoman for many years using new technologies. t

A few years ago after a lot of bad decisions, I lost everything, I had no more job, money, friends or lover. Many of the books I share with you on this site have been of great help to me to put my life back together. I needed much help to find what I wanted in life. .

In 2012, I registered in a formation as a coach at Fowler Wainright International where I got my credentials as a certified coach. I realized that helping people find what they wanted to do of their lives made me happy. I think good books can be of great help. I share those with you at a very cheap price so that anyone can afford to buy them.