How to achieve your goals

19/05/2020 11:28

➢          Are you looking for financial security, professional acknowledgment, spiritual attainment?


➢          Do you want to fit better socially, or become more expressive creatively?


Establish the goal that's right for you.


Then turn that goal from a dream into a desire. You want to realize that goal, not just wish for it. Aesop said, "Beware that you do not lose the substance by grabbing at the shadow."


➔          Know exactly what you want, then go for it.


➔          Don't be tricked by your own procrastination- especially if you want to achieve something artistic.


The writer Thomas Wolfe wrote, "I had been sustained by that delightful illusion of success which we all have when we dream about the books we are going to write instead of actually doing them.


Now I was face to face with it, and suddenly I realized that I had committed my life and my integrity so irrevocably to this struggle that I must conquer now or be destroyed."


Can you see what you want? If you want the abundance of material wealth that money provides, what goal will give you that money?


✔          Do you want the prestige of owning your own business?


✔          What business do you want to begin?

✔          Where are the opportunities for you?


Talk to everyone in the business you want to join. Make friends in the literary or art societies in your area. Read books and articles about your field of endeavor. How can you attain your goal?


"If you don't want to work, you have to work to earn enough money so that you don't have to work!" wrote Ogden Nash.  Money makes money; success breeds success.


But not always.


How can you break through those thoughts to help yourself to the rewards?


Henry David Thoreau wrote...


"I have learned this at least by my experiment:


That if you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, and endeavor to live the life which you imagine, you will meet with success."


Think BIG and passionately visualize success, consistently and without ceasing:


➔          Do you see yourself in a big house?


➔          Maybe you picture your artwork hanging in a gallery.


➔          Can you feel your book in print and in your hands?


➔          How does it feel to be a person of success?!?



“To make firm.”


Make firm that you are; know that it is in your grasp. That's what the others did, and that's how people make it to the top.


Then get down to basics. Be precise. 


Exactly how much money do you want, and by what date?


And exactly what are you going to do to earn that money? Be realistic, but give yourself short-term goals. Write it down.


In six months or one year, you will have how much money. And repeat it until it feels good. Then repeat it twice a day until it swirls in your subconscious, until it becomes your one-pointed goal.


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