Meeting expectations and the Law of Attraction

19/05/2020 11:01

I'm sure you've met this person in your life, Debbie Downer.  No matter what happens it's for the worse. There is no silver lining to the clouds, only muddy boots and wet clothes.  Her job is a grind and she only goes because she desperately needs the money.  Besides she's not educated enough, or experienced, or has the right connections, to get a better one.  She's been looking for a significant other, but it's useless:  All the good men are taken.  Besides who would be interested in a frumpy, fat, nearly forty year old?  And even if she would find herself in a relationship, it wouldn't work.  Sound familiar?


Debbie expects the worst out of life and so she gets it.  She attracts the wrong sort of men because that's what she expects and therefore attracts.  Her job is the job that she expects.   

But what if Debbie Downer decided to change her expectations, would her life change? 


The law of attraction is simply that you get what you think about.  Thoughts are a form of energy and like energy attracts like energy.  All forms of matter and energy are attracted to that which is of a like vibration. You receive what you put your focus and energy on, whether it's wanted or unwanted.  Focus on happiness and it's yours.  Focus on preventing unhappiness and you get unhappiness. 

Your thoughts are a magnet to attract what you're thinking about. 

Everything draws to itself that which is like itself.

If you are told "don't think of a pink elephant" that's exactly what you do think about.  If you want to lose weight you are focused on not eating which is exactly why you won't lose weight. Thinking about not eating makes you want to eat. 

Your mind has difficulty telling the difference between something you think about and you do want and something you think about and you don't want.   The negative, or lack of something, is a void concept.  The mind doesn't like void concepts so it interprets the void into the opposite of what you want.  And that's why you immediately picture a pink elephant when you think "don't think of a pink elephant."

Turn the void concept into a positive concept.  If you want to lose weight for example, picture yourself as having lost the weight.  Focus on how comfortable your clothes are. Think of the extra energy you have.  Think of your heart being healthy and beating strongly.  Picture yourself at the beach, thin and trim. 

The law of attraction is a universal concept that works in all forces.  You don’t have to recognize it, accept it or have faith in it.  It's there as a constant.  

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